0E-HD4MP28DM 4MP HD IR Dome, Supports TVI, CVI, AHD, 960H Applications

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4MP HD IR Dome, Supports TVI, CVI, AHD, 960H Applications


Key features

·IR up to 20M (66 ft)
·2560 X 1440 Picture Quality
·2 IR LEDs
·3-axis Gimbal
·AH D + TVI + CVI + 960H Output
·Ture Day Night
·OSD Menu
·IP 67/IK 10
·12V DC
·3 Year Warranty

The 0E-HD4MP28DM is a 4 MP (2560 X 1440) dome camera constructed with a 2.8mm lens. This 4 MP Camera is IP67 rated and provides HD Image quality and is ideal for numerous indoor/outdoor applications such as commercial applications, home or office use as well as monitoring hallways, unattended storage areas and various other installation applications.

Technical specifications

UPC: 840049300903
LENGTH: 5.2"
HEIGHT: 4.3"
WEIGHT: 1.1 Lbs.

  • Box Detailed HD Camera Spec Sheet download
0E-HD4MP28DM-1567420764.pdf (2019-09-02)download
Full Manual
  • 44MP_HD_Analog_Camera_OSD_Operation_Manual_V1.020190508-1595399560.pdf ()download
Quick Set-up Guide
  • QuickSetupGuideHDDomecameras-HD4MP28DMHD4MPMODM-1582815120.pdf ()download

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