0E-RXD Request-to-Exit PIR Detector

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Request-to-Exit PIR Detector


Key features

• Voltage input: 12 VDC or VAC; 24 VDC or 24VAC
• Current draw: 16mA @ 12VDC (see Current Ratings on page 4)
• NO INTERNAL BATTERY. Budget 38mAh per hour standby
• REX detector output: 2 Form C relay contacts rated 2A 30VDC/VAC maximum for DC resistive loads
• Indicator: Green LED for PIR detection
• Relay latch duration: Adjustable from 0.5 second to 64 seconds
• Timer modes: Selectable for resettable (cumulative) or non-resettable (counting)
• Power loss operation modes: Selectable for fail safe (doors unlocked) or fail secure (doors locked)

The WBOX 0E-RXD combines a passive-infrared detector with relay output to allow control of door ingress and egress in request-to-exit (REX) applications. It is UL Listed as an access control device under the UL 294 standard. It is for indoor use only. 0E-RXD is not designed for use as the primary means of exit for emergency egress.

Technical specifications

• Mounting locations: Above door(s) controlled on door frame, wall or ceiling
• Mounting height: 7’ to 15’
• Housing: High impact ABS plastic
• Dimensions: 7”W X 1.75”H X 1.88” D (178W X 44H X 48Dmm)
• Operating temperature: -20oF to 120oF (-29oC to 49oC); RH: 0-85%
• RFI immunity: 26MHz to 1000 MHz @ 50 V/m (FCC)

0E-RXDII-1533826995.pdf (2018-08-09)download
Full Product Specs
0E-RXDSPEC-1533826995.pdf (2018-08-09)download

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