0E-43LED4K 43" LED Television
43" LED Television 4K

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43" LED Television


Key features

43" LED Television 4K

  • LED panel with no glint feature and low radiation can reduce eye'fatigue and protect eyes.
  • High-quality LED TV with LED backlight panel is built with high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle, and super fast response time. Super fast response time can greatly eliminate the shadowing of moving images.
  • De-interlacing image disposal is adopted. Today's most advanced technique for movement compensation, can completely improve the picture.
  • 3-D digital comb filter, dynamic interlaced scanning technology, and 3-D noise reduction function;
  • ATSC/NTSC digital-analog integrated tuner, supporting auto scan.
  • Power is designed to save energy.
  • All functions can be conveniently operated with the remote control.
  • With Ultra High Definition Component and HDMI 2.0, supports signal in of 2160p@60Hz max.
  • HDMI 4 supports MHL feature.
  • Input ports include VGA, YPbPr (Component), HDMI (4), AV, Composite, USB.
  • Output ports include earphone and coaxial-OUT.
  • High quality speakers provide audiovisual enjoyment.
  • Dynamic contrast technology can obviously improve the definition and contrast of the picture.
  • Timing function sets the length of time until TV turns off.
  • TV/Monitor comes with two-in-one and multiple input ports to easily switch between modes.
  • Auto Adjustment can help you setup the picture for best performance in a few.
  • Ultra-thin and super narrow design.

W BOX TECHNOLOGIES 4K LED TV features a 4K panel with direct-lit LED backlighting that delivers natural,vibrant picture quality. For all Residential and Light Commercial Applications.

Technical specifications

Master unit
Panel size 43"
Max. Resolution 3840 X 2160
Pixel Pitch 0.2451mm X 0.2451mm
Active Area 941.184mm X 529.416mm
Power Supply 100-240VAC 60/50Hz
Power Consumption of Speaker 8W+8W
Dimension (L X H X W) - Excluding base 38.2" X 22.2" X 2.91"
Dimension (L X H X W) - Including base 38.2" X 24.3" X 2.91" / 42.7" X 26.3" X 5.91" (Packing)
Net Weight 18.7lbs/8.5kg
Gross Weight 23.1lbs/10.5kg
Operating environment temperature 5°C ~ 40°C; RH: 10% ~ 85%
Operating environment atmospheric pressure 86kPa ~ 104kPa
Storage environment temperature -20°C ~ 55°C; RH: 5% ~ 95%
Storage environment atmospheric pressure 86kPa ~ 104kPa
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WBOX-LED-SPECS-1492757008.pdf (2017-04-21)download
Full Manual
  • UM0E-43-50-55-65LED4KA-1573026843.pdf (2019-11-06)download
Firmware & Software
  • TV-IR-CODES_(hexadecimalformat)-1534487453.pdf (2019-11-06)download
  • Importing-IR-Codes-1505199264.pdf (2019-11-06)download

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