0E-PIRWM Passive Infrared Motion Sensor

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Passive Infrared Motion Sensor


Key features


• Sealed Optics • Uniform Sensitivity Optics • Wall-to-Wall Coverage • Pet-friendly Selectivity • Flexible Mountings

Ideal for all residential applications, the W Box Wall Mount Motion Detector delivers exceptional value and performance while reducing false alarms. Installations are quick and easy—saving you time and money. The W Box Motion Detector features selectable pet immunity for animals weighing up to 40 lbs, an always-enabled LED, 35' X 40' range and a style that blends with any décor.

Technical specifications

• Range: 35' X 40'
• Power: 9.0 - 15 VDC; 7 mA typical, 12 mA maximum; AC Ripple: 3 V peak-to-peak at nominal 12 VDC
• Alarm Relay: Energized Form A; 90 mA, 15 VDC, 22 Ohms resistance maximum. Alarm Relay Duration: 3 seconds
• RFI Immunity: 20V/m 10-1000 MHz, 15V/m 1000-2700 MHz
• Operating Temperature: 14°F to 131°F/-10°C to 55°C
• Relative Humidity: 5 to 93%; non-condensing • Dimensions: 3.39" H x 2.24" W x 1.71" D/8.6 cm H x 5.7 cm W x 4.35 cm D
• Weight: 2.15 oz/61 g (net weight)
• Pet Immunity: ≤ 40 lbs./18kg

WBox0E-PIRWMPassiveInfraredMotionSensorDataSheet-1508743459.pdf (2017-10-23)download
Full Manual
  • 800-19276-06-A_0E-PIRWMii-1508155598.pdf ()download

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