0E-TNEPRBKT Tone & Probe Kit

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Tone & Probe Kit


Key features

High Power Tone and Probe Set

• Trace network, telephone or coax cable
• High power - works through walls
• 4 amplitude levels & 3 different tones
• Alligator clips & RJ12/RJ45 patch cable

The W Box Professional Tone and Probe kit gives technicians a high-powered tone generator with alligator clips and a high-quality tone tracing probe. The high-powered tone generator enables signal detection over 20 miles away and makes tracing through walls and enclosures easier with multiple tones and power levels suited for network, signal wire, coax, and telephone cable applications.

• 700% more power than standard tone generators
• Unbalanced tone mode supports longer distances on UTP cables
• Constant amplitude output ensures no signal decrease as battery discharges
• Auto-off for battery conservation
• Full talk battery to power a dry line
• Molded-in alligator clips

Technical specifications

LENGTH: 4.5"
WIDTH: 1.75"
HEIGHT: 1.3"


0E-TNEPRBKT_ToneandProbe_SpecSheet_070921-1631625985.pdf (2021-09-14)download

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