0E-FRLYMVENC Control Relay Multi-Voltage, Standalone

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Control Relay Multi-Voltage, Standalone


Key features

• Voltage input: 24 (18-35) VDC, 24VAC (18-35), 120 VAC or 230VAC
• Current draw: 11 mA@18VDC, 22mA@35VDC; :RnA@18VAC, 76mA@35VAC, 29mA@120VAC
• Polarized coil input: DC control input only
• Contacts: Dry Form C SPDT
• Resistive load contact ratings: 1 OA @ 28VDC, 125VAC, 230VAC
• Inductive load contact ratings: 0.25 HP 125/250VAC (N.C.); 0.33 HP 125/250VAC (N.O.)
• Indicator: Red LED indicates relay coil is energized
• Wire type: stranded or solid, 12AWG to 22AWG terminals
• Housing: Back box: 18 gauge CRS plate with knock outs
Cover: Red ABS 94V-O rated
Snap track for relay PCB mounted inside back box

The W Box OE-FRLYMVENC is a stand-alone multi-voltage relay providing SPOT 1 0 amp resistive contacts that may operate via one of four input control voltages by wiring to corresponding input terminals: 24VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC or 230VAC. It provides local contacts that may be required for system status, remote contacts that may be required for control of electrical loads and general purpose switching. Applications include Fire Alarm Control, security systems, HVAC, temperature control, lighting systems and energy management. A red LED visible through a port in the relay enclosure indicates the relay is energized. W Box OE-FRLYMVENC is cULus 864 listed (Control Unit Accessory).

Technical specifications

• Operating temperature: 32°F to 120"F (OOC to 4goc)
• Relative humidity: 85%
• Dimensions: 3.1 'W X 5.3"H X 2.5"D (78W X 132H X 63Dmm)
• Approvals: cULus864 listed (Control Unit Accessory), CSFM, MEA

Doc_No_FRLYMVENC_II_Rev_001_10-27-17_OL-1527858599.pdf (2018-06-01)download

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