0E-8CHNVR2TB 8CH/8PoE NVR (2TB HDD Included)

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8CH/8PoE NVR (2TB HDD Included)


Key features

• Linux Embedded System
• H.264/MPEG-4 Video Stream Input
• HDMI/VGA Output 1920 x 1080
• PoE Supported
• 2TB Hard Drive Included
• Maximum Storage Capacity: 12 TB
• Remote Live View By Mobile App
• 5 Year Limited Warranty (Excluding Hard Drive)
• 3 Year Limited Warranty (Hard Drivein Recorder)

The 0E-8CHNVR2TB is an 8 channel Network Video Recorder constructed with 8 PoE ports and 2TB hard drive storage. This new generation NVR is widely applied in the areas of public security, education, communication, transportation, military, finance/banking and various other installation applications.

Technical specifications

UPC: 811914028024
LENGTH: 14.65”
WIDTH: 12.24”
HEIGHT: 1.8”
WEIGHT: 6.1lbs

  • W Box Detailed Recorder Spec Sheet download
0E-8CHNVR2TB-1516888491.pdf (2018-01-25)download
User Manual

* User interface/menus/options may slightly change based upon the Software Firmware version that is installed in the unit

  • NVRUserManual_V4.3-1592290818.pdf ()download
Quick Set-up Guide
  • English0E-8CHNVR2TB-1542292378.pdf ()download
  • French0E-8CHNVR2TB-1542292016.pdf ()download
Firmware & Software
  • v4.2.0E-4CHNVR2TB0E-8CHNVR2TB0E-16CHNVR2TB-1568977718.zip ()download
  • v3.3.0E-4CHNVR2TB0E-8CHNVR2TB0E-16CHNVR2TB-1568977701.zip ()download
NVR Web Operation Guide
  • WBoxNVRWebOperationGuide_V4.220180918(4.2software)-1543581717.pdf ()download

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