Key features


  • Fully regulated 12V dc Output
  • Mains and Fault indication
  • High efficiency and cost effective switch mode technology
  • Full rated current to load
  • Electronic short-circuit protectionull rated current to load
  • 1 year warranty

The WBXPSU range of boxed 12V dc switch mode power supplies have been designed for security applications that require the provision of a standby battery. Accepting a wide input Voltage (100V -240V ac), they provide a regulated 13.8V dc output backed up by the standby battery on a mains failure.
Housed within a metal enclosure with hinged lid they can accommodate a 12V VRLA battery. Cable access is provided by 2 x 20mm cable entry/exit holes pre-drilled and blanked with rubber grommets for a quick & simple installation.

Technical specifications

Lenght 300 mm
Width 195 mm
Height 83 mm

WBoxManualBoxedSMPSUWBXPSU1A12V3A5A-1557490932.pdf (2019-05-10)download
Full Manual
  • WBoxMultiLanguageManual-PSU1A12V3A5A-1562328533.pdf ()download

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