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Key features


  • Fits most 37”- 80” flat panel TVs
  • Supports up to 68 kg
  • Low mounting profile
  • Includes universal rails and spacers for greater panel compatibility
  • Single-wall plate allows for quick installation
  • Small footprint provides ample room for power and A/V cutouts behind panel
  • Lift & Lock allows you to easily attach your flat panel to the mount
  • Sliding lateral on-wall adjustment
  • Locking bar secures panel to mount

The WBXMA3780FM is a low-profile, economical large TV wall mount. With a capacity of 68 kg, it is compatible with most flat panel displays up to 80" on the market today.

Technical specifications

Lenght 797,8 mm
Width 57,9 mm
Height 50 mm
Weight 2 kg

Full Manual

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