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High Definition(HD) Analogue Camera
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  • 5MP IR Dome Camera

5MP IR Dome Camera

  • 2MP IR Vari Focal Dome Camera

2MP IR Vari Focal Dome Camera

  • 2MP IR Dome Camera

2MP IR Dome Camera

  • 5MP IR Bullet Camera

5MP IR Bullet Camera

  • 2MP Metal IR Bullet Camera

2MP Metal IR Bullet Camera

The WBC0E-CLHB2R2FPE is a 1080p resolution Full HD IR Bullet Camera constructed with a 3.6mm Lens with switchable AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS video outputs. IR LEDs provide 20M IR viewing distance. Camera comes with OSD allows quality adjustment

2MP Bullet IR camera

  • 2MP IR Dome Camera

2MP IR Dome Camera

  • 2MP Vari Focal Bullet IR Camera

2MP Vari Focal Bullet IR Camera

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